New Senate Bill #282 - Absenteeism & School Attendance

Requires attendance officers of school corporations/charter schools to to establish a truancy prevention policy regarding certain students in kindergarten through grade 6. Provides that a prosecuting attorney shall notify each parent of a child when an affidavit is filed regarding the child's compulsory attendance violations or if the child is a habitual truant.


Every state requires compulsory school attendance and is accompanied by regulations describing how state education and juvenile justice agencies should respond to truancy. While the school is often the first responder in student truancy, truancy ultimately involves the possibility of action by juvenile or family courts, ranging from detention of the children to fine or jail for the parents.

Any student with 10 unexcused absences, along with their parents, will be referred to the Juvenile Justice System. The Case Managers or Probation Officers will then send these referrals Project Rebuild Foundation. The Family Support Workers Will immediately make the initial appearance, at which time they will be given the opportunity to participate in the Truancy Termination Program. Any future absences will result in forwarding the referral to the Local Prosecutor’s Office.

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