We are Rebuilding
Trust, Families and Community

Project Rebuild (PRB) is a six-week program designed to reduce truancy among students. It seeks to determine the root causes of truancy, enabling program staff, providers, and other community stakeholders to collaboratively develop efficient case plans for each family that address specific, identified areas of concern.

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A Proactive Program to Address Student Truancy

Project Rebuild

a program initiated by Gary City Court’s Pro Tem Judge Inga Lewis-Shannon, is a nonprofit (501(c)3) collaborative effort that addresses the growing problem of chronic truancy in the city of Gary and Lake County community schools. Project Rebuild‘s core partners are Gary City Court,  Gary Police Department, Lake County Prosecutor’s Office, Lake County Juvenile Court, Mathnasium, Clark Road Genesis, and Indiana Parenting Institute.  Project Rebuild and its community partners believe Gary’s truancy problem can be successfully eradicated by incorporating a rehabilitative component to an expedient truancy referral hearing process, and by the involvement of key community partners to achieve program success.

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