A six-week program designed to reduce truancy among students. PRB seeks to determine the root causes of truancy, enabling program staff, providers, and other community stakeholders to collaboratively develop efficient case plans for each family that addresses specific, identified areas of concern.

Rebuilding Trust

Phase 1

The goal of this PHASE is to develop trust in the parent and student, between themselves and program providers/administrators and between parent and child. They will also learn how to trust themselves, working on self-image and esteem. They will learn how to open lines of communication as well as establish and articulate appropriate parent and child roles and responsibilities.

Rebuilding Families

Phase II

The goal of this PHASE is to further develop and strengthen the communication skills between all parties involved in the program. Family projects and team building exercises, as well as continued connection to any needed resources, are used to ensure that both the parent and child are able to successfully implement the techniques learned, so that rebuilding of the family unit can begin and be sustained.

Rebuilding Community

Phase III

The goal of this PHASE is to affirm the skills and techniques learned in the first two (2) phases of the program. Affirmation is centered around the continued application of what has been learned. Issues surrounding bullying, gangs, tobacco/drug usage and its effects not only within the family unit but its overall impact on our community as well, are also covered during this PHASE. Community accountability and involvement are the focus here, especially within the student’s school.

Our Goals

  • To reduce truancy among youth in the 6th-9th grades;
  • To enhance youth and parent accountability;
  • To promote student and parent engagement in positive relationship development activities; and
  • To assist community stakeholders in developing positive youth development programs.

Project Rebuild Rebuild Foundation Board

Project Rebuild Administrative Staff

Inga Lewis-Shannon - Executive Director
Tara A. Nelson - Program Director
NaTasha Yuhasz - Financial Keeper
Tinene Scott - Supervisor (FSW/Contractors)
Kim Patterson - Data

Support Staff

Linda Clark – Juvenile Officer


News & Testimonials

Project Rebuild Puts Families Back on Track for Education

Chicago Tribune (Click here to view article)

Project Rebuild celebrates 30 families who overcame truancy.

Gary, IN Press Release (Click here to view the full press release)

As I got into the class, it refreshed my mind about how to make things better for my entire family.

Marvis R., Project Rebuild Parent

Community Partners & Support Team

  • Indiana Parenting Institute
  • Clark Road Genesis
  • Lake County Juvenile Probation
  • Lake County Prosecutor's Office
  • City of Gary
  • Gary Police Department
  • Warren Township (Indianapolis)
  • Gary Community School Corporation
  • All other schools in Northwest Indiana