Dear Supporter,

As a parent my heart breaks knowing that by the time a child reaches third grade, decisions have already been made about their future with regards to the penal system. As the founder of Project Rebuild, I know that collectively, we can do something about it, and that education is the key.

Seeing a student go from not being enrolled in school to earning a sports scholarship, or seeing grades go from straight “F’s” to “B’s” and even “A’s”, shows that there is hope.

Your donation of any size helps the Project Rebuild Foundation continue its very necessary work in our community. Will you help us continue making the difference in the lives of families and communities? Your donation and consistency will enable us to continue the fight of truancy and focus students of today into the leaders of tomorrow.

On behalf of the families who will be strengthened and staff who will be supported as a result of your valued donation. I want to thank you.


Inga Lewis-Shannon,

Founder and President Project Rebuild Foundation